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Eleanor Scott Meyers, a California artist who loves to paint while visiting the great plains, is the current Artist-in-Residence at the Red Barn Studio. She began her tenure on September 15th, and will be in residence through the end of the month. Today September 20th, she will be teaching her popular plein air painting workshop at the Red Barn; call 227-2217 for more information. Plein air painting means painting while outdoors, and was popular with French impressionists.

Now showing in the Bethany Home Hall Gallery are water color paintings by Julie Baldwin of McPherson. Paintings include landscapes showing the various seasons, as well as floral and other still-life works.

The Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery in Lindsborg is hosting a new show, Views of the Flint Hills, featuring oils and acrylics by Mary Binford Miller. The show runs through October 26th.

Congratulations are in order for both the Red Barn Studio and the Birger Sandzen Gallery. They are 2 of the 24 finalists in the Kansas Samplers 8 Art Wonders of Kansas. To vote for your favorite 8 Art Wonders of Kansas visit There you will find full details about all 24 candidates as well as information on how to vote, whether it’s online or via paper ballot.

Finally, the latest Destination Lindsborg has been published. This full color, 48 page work is chock-full of information you need wje visiting Lindsborg. Festivals, food and lodging, as well as shopping and the arts are all represented. You can get your own copy from a variety of merchants in Lindsborg, and it’s also available online at

till next time, this is Mike Rodriquez with Lindsborg Town Talk.

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