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Another Midsummer’s Festival has come and gone, and from all reports this year’s event was one of the best in recent memory! Hurrah for the Lindsborg Midsummer’s Day Committee; if I do say so myself, we did a great job this year.

From the excellent stylings of the Swedish rock band Tiny Toads through the always excellent performances by the youth and adult Lindsborg Swedish dancers, the weekend was almost perfect. Sunny skies, happy crowds, great selections in the crafts vending area and a wide selection of children’s activities contributed to a wonderful celebration that was capped off with the raising of the Maypole and more dancing! Even the food was more varied than in years past, but fans of Lindsborg’s Viking on a Stick were still able to satisfy their cravings.

I took a few photos, but it may be a while before I get a chance to review and publish them. In the interests of more quickly sharing our wonderful weekend I’m going to link to fellow area artist Julie-Ann, who has posted a great Flickr set of Midsummer’s 2007 photos; enjoy!

Here’s one of the pictures I took:

Midsummer's 2007