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Listen to the podcast of the Lindsborg Update from the 11th of February 2006 simply by clicking the previous link. The Lindsborg Update is a podcast of a weekly bit I do on a local radio station, KSAL 1150AM. The Lindsborg Update usually airs on Fridays, a couple of minutes after 12:30 PM. Btw, if you use an RSS aggregator, and iTunes, you can automatically load this podcast into iTunes from within the aggregator.

As I work from a script, to ensure I don’t miss key details such as dates, times or locations, I’m posting it for folks who would rather read than listen to the updates. It’s in the extended entry section below.

Hello everyone,

Coming up this Saturday, February 11th, is the 2006 Chocolate Lovers Affair. The 5th annual Artful Tables Display, showcasing lovely place settings and sponsored by the Lindsborg Arts Council, is being held in conjunction with this year’s Chocolate Lovers Affair. Again, the date is tomorrow, Saturday, February 11th, from 6-8pm at the Birger Sandzen Gallery. Tickets will be available at the door or may be purchased in advance by calling 227-3032.

Every year for the past 125 years Handel’s Messiah has been performed in Lindsborg during Easter week. This year continues the tradition, marking the 125th continuous year of performances. This is the longest continuing performance of the Messiah in all of North America.

Community participation is a key part of the success of the Messiah, and rehearsals for this year’s performance have already begun. So, if you’d like to be a part of this wonderful tradition please contact Daniel Mahraun, at 785 227 3311, ext 8334 by next Tuesday at the very latest.

Moving from the performing arts to the world of fine arts, accomplished Lindsborg studio artist Lee Becker’s exhibition, Rare Beasts and Other Forms, is now on display at the Sandzen Gallery in Lindsborg. These paintings are based on animals and creatures that Lee has met and experienced during her numerous travels. The works will be on display through March 31st, and there will be a reception for Lee and 2 other artists, on Sunday, February 26th, from 2-4pm, at the Sandzen Gallery.

Until next week, this is Mike Rodriquez with the Lindsborg update.