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Peg, who hails from (Ellsworth in the real world), has lived an interesting life. For almost 80 years she has had a variety of exciting experiences, including:

… traveled extensively to remote places on the globe. She has flown the Goodyear blimp over Houston, handling the controls herself. She spent a day submerged in the Pacific inside the USS Topeka, a Los Angeles class nuclear submarine. …

Last September she spoke of her plans to visit Lindsborg as part of a day trip that would start in Ellsworth, pass by Kanopolis Lake and continue through Marquette before landing in Lindsborg. Looking forward to the trip with obvious anticipation, she wrote:

Then, some how we’ll find our way across country to Lindsborg to poke around there for awhile, and probably have lunch. There are always new things to see in Lindsborg, changes that are occurring in the old traditional things and people to chat with about the activities of the community.

Many happy returns, Peg. May you continue to enjoy visiting Lindsborg for a long time to come.

This is the first of an occasional series highlighting web and blog pages that relate personal experiences with our fair town of Lindsborg.

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  1. Magnus Bjurling
    4:23 pm on October 27th, 2005

    Hej allihopa (Hello everybody),

    My name is Magnus Bjurling and I live in Sweden, in Moelndal just outside Gothenburg in the southern parts of Sweden. I was recommended to visit this web site by a fellow photographer of mine at PhotoSig community. It is really lovely to see how our old customs still are in fashion in the New Country. It would be an honour to visit your Hyllningsfest some day. Please contact me if you need something from the old country.
    Yours truly,
    Magnus Bjurling
    (with roots in Blekinge where most of our/your immigranst came from.)